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Manual juicer

Manual juicer

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Portable Household Aluminum Alloy Manual Juicer Fruit Tool

Excellent innovative tool for making natural juice at home, in restaurants and in bars.

  • Capable of squeezing 30% more juice than traditional manual juicers.

  • Less expensive equipment is able to extract all the juice from your fruits and vegetables.

According to nutritionists, many of the vitamins and nutrients that our bodies need to function well and in good health are found in fruits and vegetables. With this device you can make the most of all the vitamins and nutrients contained in fruits and vegetables. Do not miss this opportunity to have this revolutionary tool.


DURABLE AND HEALTHY:This device is made with high quality zinc alloy, chrome plating and polishing treatment. Nothing can affect the health and the original flavor of the juice.
MAXIMUM JUICE OUTPUT:Add efficiency to your extraction process. Using a top lever, this juicer extractor is designed for maximum juice production.
EASY TO USE: Very easy to use tool. It is enough to place the fruit in the container which is with the holes, then press the handle so that the juice comes out of the juicer.
EFFORTLESS: With this principle of leverage, you do not need to put a lot of effort to extract juice. Even the elderly can use it.
EASY TO CLEAN: The components of this Fresh Force juicer are removable for easy cleaning. In addition, the device can sit on counters to avoid clutter.
VERSATILE: This tool works great on all types of fruits and vegetables: apples, oranges, lemons etc ... It can squeeze fruits and vegetables with maximum results. It is essential tool for the kitchen, restaurants and bars.

Cut the orange and lemon in half. If it is a larger fruit, cut it into four pieces and squeeze the juice twice to extract the juice. After the first squeeze, turn the juice cup 180 degrees, squeeze several times and get more juice.

  • If you are squeezing fruit with a lot of juice, like lemon and pineapple, you can first remove the soft stems, cut them into 3cm pieces, then cover and squeeze out the juice.
  • If it is a leafy vegetable, like turnip, spinach, knead it first and then squeeze it.
  • If it is carrots, celery, apples and cucumbers, wrap them and squeeze them.
  • If it is a potato, peel it, clean it, cook it and cut it into 3 cm pieces.

This tool meets all your needs. It is an ideal product to give as a gift to yourself, your friends or relatives to help them enjoy better health.
Name: manual juicer
Material: aluminum
Purpose: squeeze lemon, watermelon, orange, apple, cucumber
Features: convenient operation and high-cost performance
weight: 750g
size: 23 * 10cm
Package Content:
1 x Manual Juice Squeezer
✔️ 100% money back guarantee
✔️ Delivery time of 10 to 15 working days

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