Image of the Splash Proof Baffle installed on a gas stove, showing how it protects the surroundings from oil splatters.
Image of a professional chef using our Splash Proof Baffle on a gas stove, showcasing its unique features and benefits.
Image showing how our Splash Proof Baffle keeps the surroundings clean, highlighting its unique features and benefits.
Image of a clean and organized kitchen, highlighting the benefit of our Splash Proof Baffle in keeping the surroundings clean and tidy.
Foldable Splash Proof Baffle Kitchen Accessories
Foldable Splash Proof Baffle Kitchen Accessories

Foldable Splash Proof Baffle Kitchen Accessories

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Oil Splatter Insulation Board Splash

Are you tired of cooking a delicious meal only to find that you've splattered oil and grease all over your stovetop and counters?

Well, fear not because we have the solution for you. Introducing the kitchen oil baffle, the ultimate accessory for any home cook. Made with stainless steel, this baffle is foldable, making it easy to store and use at your convenience.

Not only does it protect your kitchen from unsightly and messy splatters, but it also prevents potential accidents from hot oil and grease. With this baffle, you'll never have to worry about cleaning up a greasy mess again. And let's not forget about the added benefit of keeping your kitchen looking great.

 With its stylish design and practical use, this baffle is the perfect addition to any kitchen. So, why not make your cooking experience easier and more enjoyable with the kitchen oil baffle?

 Order yours today and start cooking with confidence.

Foldable splash proof baffle kitchen accessoires

Shield Your Kitchen from Grease Splatters with Our Foldable Splash Proof Baffle

Collapsible for storage: The oil splash insulation board is foldable for easy storage. It folds flat, when you're done, just place it in a cupboard, drawer or pantry.

 3-Panel Splash Guard Made of high-quality galvanized sheet metal, it can be bent into any shape you need and is easy to clean. Black edges prevent hand scratching and are safer to use.

Non-sticky: The surface has a durable non-stick coating that saves time on cleanup and prevents cooking oil from splashing onto walls and floors.

 The cooking splash guard effectively blocks oil splashes in the kitchen, and the heat insulation effect is good, preventing the stove wall from being covered with oil, and plastic, spices, cans, etc. surroundings are heated to melt, deform, and can also be used as a food washing splash panel.

PREVENTS OIL SPILLS: Effectively protects most pans and their surroundings from oil or food spills while cooking in the kitchen.

Size:39x30x29cm/15.35X11.8X11.4''.  Package: 1 x Oil Splash Insulation Board.

Order Our Professional Grade Splash Guard for Stress-Free Cooking Today!