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Lampe solaire multifonctions

Lampe solaire multifonctions

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waterproof multifunction solar lamp
A superb innovative product that meets your lighting needs:

  • Can carry with you any place.
  • Can use as a light both outside and inside your home.
  • Ideal for Camping or emergency situations
  • Can charge phones.
  • Can easily be recharged with the rays of the sun
  • Can also be recharged with a USB cable

Solar panel: 1.2w / 5.5v. Lithium battery: 18650 * 2 4400MAH. Power bank output: 2.1a. Leds: 21 pieces white + 5 pieces red + 5 pieces blue
Multifunction: flash, external battery, Normal lighting, Warning light (flashing)
When used as normal lighting, this product has three modes:
(1), when people pass, the light turns on, when people leave for a while, it turns off
(2), press the button to switch to the second mode - it will always be on until the power is cut off
(3), press the button again to switch to the third mode - blue and red lights flash alternately
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